Dr. Andreas Frangenberg

As modern societies are based on the division of labour, sender and receiver of messages are often far apart from each other. This distance is not only evident in terms of geography, but also in terms of mentality – thus making successful communication a challenging task. Helping you to master this challenge is the task of factum est.

You have a story to tell?

To communicate successfully and ensure that complex context and unwieldy terms become comprehensible, easy to understand images must be used. It is imperative to “pick up” different target audiences individually, where they are. This is the only way to generate and maintain acceptance and trust.

Also the “packaging” must be appealing:

In addition to the message, also “packaging” plays an important role. Central theme, orthography, punctuation and formatting of your publications are just some of the relevant aspects here. To ensure that appropriate attention is paid to contents and messages, the “packaging” has to be handled with great care.

In capable hands!

Whether public relations, editorial work, technical comments, texts and brochures on issues related to agriculture, environment, food or energy, copy-editing or translations English-German or German-English:

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Dr. Andreas Frangenberg

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